Nights of Worship (N.O.W.)

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Genesis United Methodist Church, Cary, NC

Our Night of Worship events are designed to provide an opportunity for all to participate in a modern worship experience.  On designated Friday nights throughout the year, we invite church and worship leaders to come and meet with us by joining in musical evening of worship, and then providing an opportunity to answer any questions you may have.  Here is what you can expect:


Seeing is believing, and we want to demonstrate modern worship for you.  Included in our Night of Worship experience is a sampling of many different styles of modern worship music.  It’s a great night to celebrate God’s goodness and to worship Him together!


At the conclusion of our time of worship on Friday night, we want to answer your questions about our Sing Forth service.  We see this as a taste of who we are and what we will provide if you aren’t sure Sing Forth is for you.  So ask away!

We hope you will consider joining us for our next Night of Worship!  To register, please click the button at the immediate right.  If the currently advertised date doesn’t work for you, or if you have any other questions about our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  To do this, please click the CONTACT button above in the top menu.